Magic For India, May 2021 

Our Impact!

Thanks to our global Magicians and donors, this initiative led Magic to raise $3000. We have now partnered with Dr. KK Agarwal's Heart Care Foundation of India, to deploy these funds to help critical patients, whose surgeries were delayed due to the pandemic. Below is a video about the disadvantaged children whose lives your support impacted!

What we did!

The surging COVID-19 pandemic in India caused unimaginable suffering and claimed countless lives across the country. It fell upon each one of us to help alleviate this unprecedented human tragedy in an expeditious manner. Magic committed to doing its part by hosting "LiveMagic for India" – a live stream of entertaining performances rendered by our global community of "Magicians" – to celebrate and benefit victims and frontline warriors who are bravely battling the pandemic in India! 

Please feel free to enjoy all Magic For India performances on YouTube, by clicking here!