Meet the Magic Founder!

Vidur Sanghi, Founder, Music And Good In Concert - Magic!

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A brief message from Vidur!

I was an 8th grader when the Covid-19 pandemic paralyzed our world. Like everyone else, I too was adversely impacted by the sudden loss of personal interaction with friends and family. Fortunately, my passion for music (Alto Saxophone) and technology enabled me to launch Magic - as a means to remotely connect and collaborate with fellow artists from around the planet, engage and entertain diverse audiences, and raise funds to support our targeted beneficiaries! 

Thus far, Magic has built a diverse global community of 100+ artistic performers, fondly referred to as Magicians, from different age groups, nationalities, cultures and genres. During the pandemic, the Magician community collaborated remotely to deliver entertaining content over online (youtube streams), and they now deliver in-person performances. Magicians from around the globe have consistently expressed gratitude for the stress relief and joy they experience, as a result of this opportunity to express themselves artistically, with the purpose of doing good! Similarly, we have engaged a global community of donors, sponsors and attendees across the US and India, who continue to generously donate their time and money to support our cause. 

Creating a global community of Artists, Donors, Volunteers, Attendees, and Beneficiaries has been Magical! 

Vidur's Awards for Alto Saxophone Performances:

§  Bay Area Creative Foundation 2023 - Exceptional Award of $200

§  Grand Prize Virtuoso Competition 2023- First Prize Winner, invited to perform solo at The Royal Albert Hall, London, in April 2023

§  Euro EInternational Music Festival 2023 - Gold award winner, Collegiate Category

§  Music For all Festival 2023 - Selected and performed with 2023 Honor Band of America as top 3 Alto-Saxophonist in the country.

§  American Fine Arts Concerto Festival 2023 - First Prize Winner, Performed Alto Sax solo at the Carnegie Hall, NY on June 11, 2023

§  VIVO International Music Festival 2023 - First Prize Winner, invited to perform Alto Sax solo at The Merkin Hall, NY in Jan 2023 to compete for a $500 prize.

§  California All State Music Education Conference (CASMEC) - Selected for 2022 Concert Band and 2023 Symphonic Band, performed as a top 5 Soloist in California.

§  Santa Clara County Honor Band 2022 & 2023 - Selected and performed as a top 2 soloist in the county.

§  Kings Peak International Music Competition 2023 - First Place Winner

§  Canadian International Music Competition 2023 - Rising Star Gold Medal, Alto Classical

§  California Music Educators Association (CMEA) 2022 - Selected Superior Ranking as soloist and performed.

§  Lyrics Arts Foundation Scholarship 2022 - Grand Prize Winner of $1000 award

§  San Jose State University Honor Wind Ensemble - Selected in 2021 and 2022, performed as a top 4 Alto Saxophonist.

§  US International Open Music Competition BAMA 2022 - First place in Young Prodigy advanced Saxophone

§  American Protege 2022 - Grand Prize Winner, Performed Alto Sax solo at Carnegie Hall, NY on June 18, 2023)