MagiContest, Fall 2020

We're excited to bring you the first ever MagiContest - a friendly bout of creative expression among 6 teams from a community of nearly 75 amateur performers around the planet! Magic started engaging this global community remotely in March'2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the objective to offer an open, encouraging platform for creative expression in a safe manner. This initiative led to strong community engagement and delivered highly entertaining content for numerous online viewers worldwide.

The MagiContest was held in 2 rounds. Teams were judged on criterion such as - new subscribers, views, likes, and total funds raised. Below is the order of Round-1's performances.

Round-1 Schedule

Round-1 Team

LiveMagic Stream

Oct 10

Jadugar-B's.- from California, New Jersey!

Oct  16 

Jadugar-A's - from New Delhi, Singapore!

Oct 17

Jadugar-D's - from California, Colorado, New Zealand!

Oct 31

Jadugar-C's - from New Delhi, Mumbai, Nasik

Nov 6

Jadugar-E's - from Nagpur, New Delhi, Mumbai

Nov 7

Jadugar-F's - from California


Jadugar-F's and Jadugar-B's, were adjusted as the top 2 teams at the end of Round-1!

All the 6 teams competing in Round-1 collectively  created and delivered about 6 hours of entertaining content, which has been Viewed more than 3,500 times, Liked more than 250 times, and led to a 40% increase in Magic Subscribers! As importantly, our Magician’s together exceeded their fund raising goal by 10%, raising ~$3,300 to benefit our Frontline Warriors! Magic is very proud of ALL our Magicians and expresses sincere gratitude for your continued support for our humble initiative!

Final Round Schedule

Finalist Team

LiveMagic Stream

Dec 12

Jadugar-F's led by Vidur, Mohit and other Magicians from around the planet!

Dec 4 

Jadugar-B's led by Rijul, Mehul and other Magicians from around the planet!

Thank you for supporting Magic! By the end of the first MagiContest, Magic raised ~$4,000, which was donated to charity that provides funds to local restaurants, that in turn provide hospitals with meals. Magic delivered about 400 meals, while providing entertainment to hundreds of viewers and, giving Magicians a stage to express themselves. 

We hoped you enjoyed this MagiContest and stay tuned for more!