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Magic is an international award winning social venture, dedicated to celebrate and benefit frontline warriors, seniors and children globally. Specifically, our beneficiaries include senior citizens, teachers, disadvantaged children, and frontline workers like doctors, nurses, first responders, police, armed force personnel, restaurant and delivery workers.

Magic engages and encourages a global community of amateur and professional performers, affectionately referred to as "Magicians," who soulfully express their creativity in collaborative and solo performances. Magicians of diverse ages and nationalities perform in various languages and genres to deliver instrumental and vocal renditions, dances, poetry, comedy, and other family-friendly content. 

The opportunity to connect with fellow artists globally and create collaboratively for a good cause, provides Magicians a sense of purpose and community, while also offering much needed relief from the stress we all experience in our daily lives!

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Magicians collaborated remotely and delivered entertaining content digitally as YouTube streams. Now that the pandemic is thankfully behind us, Magic is delivering in-person events! Performances by Magicians at several past events are available on the Magic YouTube Channel! We are grateful for creative contributions by all Magicians!

Finally, Magic has built a growing  global community of donors, sponsors, volunteers and audiences, who continue to generously support our cause financially, and with their time and attention. We remain grateful for all their contributions as well!

Contact us at musicandgoodinconcert@gmail.com

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