Gratitude for The Magic of Diversity!

Magic is truly grateful for the selfless support of several global communities which enabled us to weave The Magic of Diversity!  

Our 110+ Magicians collaborated to deliver 20+ performances lasting 165+ minutes!

Our Saratoga High teachers - Ms. Takako Hasegawa, Mr. Jason Shiuan and Mr. Michael Boitz - guided us at every step on this meaningful journey!

Our 40+ Volunteers including our fellow Students, Parents, McAfee Theatre staff, a Photographer and Videographer, Graphic designers, Media partners - all worked tirelessly to host nearly 200 attendees at the live event and a Community Buffet!

Our generous Sponsors and Donors around the planet propelled us close to the $30K global fundraising goal; We are still accepting donations to close a small gap!

Numerous members of our diverse community from Saratoga and beyond attended in-person or remotely, to encourage and generously support our initiative!

Finally, our SHS Magic Club officers helped in critical areas like Magician outreach, Poster design, Backstage setup and Ushering!

Many of you have congratulated me and my family for the success of The Magic of Diversity. We deeply appreciate your kind words but in reality, your unwavering support is the sole reason Magic could envision this initiative and execute it successfully! 

So please take a bow and pat yourselves on the back for a job well done!

If I have missed thanking anyone who kindly supported The Magic of Diversity, please help me correct my unintentional omission, as I am truly grateful to each and every one of you!

Until we weave our next Magical spell!

Vidur Sanghi